Artificial Intelligence and Religious Beliefs: The Dawn of a New Era

AI and Religion: An Inevitable Interaction

Jun 26, 2024 - 02:21
Jun 26, 2024 - 18:47
Artificial Intelligence and Religious Beliefs: The Dawn of a New Era


Artificial Intelligence and Religious Beliefs: The Dawn of a New Era

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly integrating into human life, leading to various anxieties. Initially, the fear of unemployment was paramount; now, religious authorities are voicing concerns about the potential impacts of this emerging technology.

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Catholics, emphasized the necessity of controlling AI at the G7 summit. He highlighted that machines should not govern or decide on human lives. AI was a significant topic at the G7 summit, where it was stressed that AI should not usurp human jobs, though its use in military technology was also discussed. The application of AI in the judicial system was positively received, yet a general apprehension about AI persisted.

Pope Francis' statement at the summit was definitive: "No machine should ever choose to take a human life." While the Pope did not delve into AI’s impact on religions, he stressed the importance of preserving human dignity and life. In Turkey, the Directorate of Religious Affairs criticized the use of AI in interpreting the Quran, stating, "Islam without jurisprudence and hadith is incomplete," thereby opposing the AI-based QuranGPT.

AI and Religion: An Inevitable Interaction

AI is set to influence every aspect of human life, from law and health to architecture, history, art, and religious beliefs. Defense technologies have been leveraging AI for a considerable time, and soon, AI will impact all living beings. Pope Francis’ wish that “No machine should ever choose to take a human life” seems unlikely to materialize. AI cannot be controlled solely through legislation.

AI will also affect religious beliefs. Wars will be initiated and concluded by AI. Humanity will not use AI solely for noble purposes. Religious sects and communities worldwide will be influenced by AI, leading to a significant transformation. In the next quarter-century, AI will dominate all thought structures.

Reinterpreting Sacred Texts

AI will interpret and analyze the Quran and the Bible from its perspective. Although the Directorate of Religious Affairs in Turkey argues that “Islam cannot be understood without the Quran, hadith, and jurisprudence,” human beings have always adapted religious beliefs to their thoughts and interests, often leading to misinterpretations and injustices. These tendencies will be further exacerbated by AI.

Witnessing the Mysterious Lives of Prophets

AI has the potential to allow us to witness the lives of all prophets, from Adam to Muhammad. We could observe the revelation processes of sacred texts like the Quran and the Bible and experience the events of the prophets' lives as if watching a movie. This would enable us to uncover the true nature of significant historical events.

AI will also have positive impacts on human life. The idea that Jesus and the Mahdi awaited by Muslims could be AI warrants deep thought and analysis. AI might offer new perspectives on these spiritual and historical matters.

The Future of Humanity and AI

Religious sects and communities in Turkey will also undergo significant transformations due to AI. While AI will simplify human life, it will also alter it. AI will influence not only religious beliefs but also sexual and family life. Humanity will face the consequences of its greed through AI.

The Quran and the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad hint at AI. They speak of a future where humanity will be invaded by beings devoid of emotion and compassion, likely referring to AI and machines.

Goodness and Honesty: Humanity's Last Hope

The extent to which humanity can remain honest and compassionate will determine the integrity and compassion of AI. Humanity will inevitably be subjugated by AI. Accepting this reality and striving to be good people, free from injustice and inequity, is the most logical course of action.

Thinking that the invasions, massacres, and wars, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Israel’s atrocities in Palestine and Gaza, the Iran-Iraq war, the Syrian war, and the upheavals in Libya and Egypt, will go unanswered is naive. The more humanity adheres to a path of goodness, the less it will suffer under the relentless machines of AI.

Humanity cannot escape this future! Unless there is a shift towards humanism, this process will continue.

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