Beymen Reborn Expands Its Luxury Second-Hand Journey with Shoes

The Journey that Started with Bags Continues with Shoes

Jun 8, 2024 - 15:48
Beymen Reborn Expands Its Luxury Second-Hand Journey with Shoes

Beymen Reborn Expands Its Luxury Second-Hand Journey with Shoes

The Journey that Started with Bags Continues with Shoes 

Beymen, a leading name in luxury fashion, is expanding its venture into the luxury second-hand market with Beymen Reborn. Following the successful introduction of luxury second-hand bags last year, Beymen Reborn is now growing and strengthening its circular fashion journey by adding luxury second-hand shoes to its portfolio. For the first time, Beymen customers can now purchase these luxury second-hand items not only online at but also in a new dedicated space at Beymen Zorlu Center.

Pioneering Sustainable Fashion

As Turkey's premier luxury fashion and lifestyle destination, Beymen is dedicated to making valuable designs accessible through Beymen Reborn. This initiative provides customers with a secure and trustworthy platform to shop for luxury second-hand items. Under the “We Have a Promise to the World” campaign, Beymen is steadfastly advancing its sustainability journey. Beymen Reborn aims to lead circular fashion by ensuring that high-quality and timeless luxury designs remain in use for longer periods.

Beymen Reborn began its circular fashion journey by offering lightly used or unused luxury bags for resale, and due to high demand, it is now enriching its collection with luxury second-hand shoes. The selection includes iconic shoes from world-renowned brands, ranging from elegant designs suitable for special events to collectible limited-edition sneakers. These luxury second-hand shoes are available for purchase both online at and at the newly established Beymen Zorlu Center location.

Strengthening a Trusted Platform

Elif Çapçı, CEO of Beymen Group, emphasized Beymen Reborn’s rapid establishment as a reliable luxury second-hand sales platform within just one year. “The concept of sustainability in fashion encompasses many areas, from design to production, shopping habits, and the longevity and recycling of our clothes and accessories,” said Çapçı. “Beymen Reborn is a trusted platform for fashion enthusiasts who value high-quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and distinctive design. By extending the lifecycle of high-quality fashion products, Beymen Reborn not only reduces the cost per use but also aims to lower carbon footprints.”

Çapçı highlighted the initiative's success with iconic bags and the subsequent expansion to include luxury second-hand shoes. “After the tremendous interest in Reborn within a year, we accelerated our circular fashion efforts and included luxury second-hand shoes in Beymen Reborn. Additionally, we started selling these items for the first time in a physical store at Beymen Zorlu Center. Luxury products, which we describe as timeless and durable, play a crucial role in the sustainable fashion movement. We continue to emphasize our commitment to sustainable fashion with Beymen Reborn, following luxury second-hand bags with shoes,” she added. Beymen is also continuing its efforts under the Beymen Repair and Beymen Recycle initiatives, further strengthening its sustainability journey with tangible, transparent, and determined steps.

Online Applications for Sales

Beymen customers who wish to sell their lightly used or unused luxury bags and shoes through Beymen Reborn can apply online via the Beymen Reborn page on The process involves four easy steps. Additionally, proceeds from the sale of luxury second-hand bags and shoes listed on Beymen Reborn can be donated to the Deniz Temiz Association/TURMEPA without any service commission deductions.

Expanding the Luxury Second-Hand Bag Sales

Since May 2023, Beymen Reborn has been offering luxury second-hand bags from 82 brands and has quickly expanded to include hundreds of prestigious brands. Initially available only through, these luxury second-hand items are now also available for physical purchase at the newly established space in Beymen Zorlu Center.

Approved designs intended for sale on Beymen Reborn can be shipped to Beymen free of charge or dropped off at designated Beymen stores.

With Beymen Reborn, Beymen continues to lead the way in sustainable fashion, extending the life cycle of luxury products and making high-end fashion more accessible and environmentally friendly.


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