Sacrifice and Offering for Genetic and Incurable Diseases!

People have been making offerings and sacrifices for generations. He makes promises to God and forgets them.

Feb 5, 2024 - 23:02
Sacrifice and Offering for Genetic and Incurable Diseases!

Sacrifice and Offering for Genetic and Incurable Diseases!

There's a beautiful tradition in Anatolia.

When you buy a house, you sacrifice and offer.

When you buy a car, you sacrifice and offer.

Whenever you face a hardship, you make a sacrifice and an offering.

And here's where genetic diseases come into play!

People have been sacrificing and offering for generations. They make promises to Allah and forget them.

They promise to their friends, family, neighbors, and forget those promises too...

Allah (SWT) says in Surah Al-Baqarah 124; "And [mention, O Muhammad], when Abraham was tried by his Lord with commands and he fulfilled them. [ Allah ] said, "Indeed, I will make you a leader for the people." [Abraham] said, "And of my descendants?" [ Allah ] said, "My covenant does not include the wrongdoers."

Pay attention to this verse... Reflect on it, ponder...

Remember the promises you made and couldn't fulfill, the promises your ancestors forgot to fulfill...

Don't lose hope when faced with incurable diseases!

You've knocked on the doors of doctors but are struggling; at this point, there's a salvation prescription for you...

That prescription is Surah Al-Kawthar...

"Indeed, We have granted you, [O Muhammad], Al-Kawthar. So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone]. Indeed, your enemy is the one cut off."

You should also learn how to apply the prescription revealed to humanity in the Qur'an.

1- You can sacrifice an animal for the sake of Allah. You can sacrifice a ram, goat, or a rooster.

You can start with a ram, then a goat, and then a rooster. Depending on your financial situation, you can also sacrifice a cow or a bull.

You can increase the number depending on your financial situation.

Sacrifice is a meticulous act!

It should be done in order. You or your family should pay for the sacrifices and offerings.

Intentions matter here too...

1 - Intention should be for the sake of Allah... For sacrifices and offerings, seeking Allah's pleasure should always be the intention.

2 - Then, the sacrifice should be made with the intention of "Replacing the sacrifices and offerings made by my ancestors and me."

3 - Finally, it should be with the intention of "The rewards of these acts being recorded in the book of deeds of those who have rights over us."


Just as Allah has rights over individuals, so do people. Allah has bestowed certain rights and blessings upon every person. Any injustice committed against these rights does not go unanswered and requires punishment. For example, causing harm to someone's life, property, or dignity, hurting or scaring them, deceiving them, giving or taking bribes, delaying repayment of debts, wasting their time unnecessarily, all violate the rights of others. Allah prohibits people from violating the rights of others:

"Do not consume one another's wealth unjustly or send it [in bribery] to the rulers in order that [they might aid] you [to] consume a portion of the wealth of the people in sin, while you know [it is unlawful]." (Al-Baqarah, 188; An-Nisa, 29)

In Surah Al-Fajr; 17

"No! But you do not honor the orphan, and you do not encourage one another to feed the poor."

In Surah Al-Balad; 14

"But he has not broken through the difficult pass. And what can make you know what is [breaking through] the difficult pass? It is the freeing of a slave."

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also said in a hadith:

"I swear by Him in Whose Hand my soul is, if anyone among you were to spend as much gold as Uhud (a mountain in Medina) in charity, it would not be equal to a handful or two or three handfuls of what they (the companions of the Prophet) used to spend, nor would it be equal to the hand-stretches of one of them." (Bukhari)

Be sure to avoid having your family and close relatives eat from the offerings and sacrifices.

Offerings and sacrifices should be distributed to those who are not close relatives as much as possible.


If the sacrifice and offering are to be made in a distant place, the power of attorney should be correctly given...

First, make an intention... For the sake of Allah. To replace the sacrifices and offerings made by my ancestors and me. With the intention of the rewards of these acts being recorded in the book of deeds of those who have rights over us.

"I, Abdullah and Havva's son/daughter, appoint you as my proxy with the intention of sacrificing and offering the animal there. The other party will say, "I accept."

This will be repeated three times...

Warning: Whoever takes power of attorney and fails to fulfill it will bear a great responsibility. Do not take power of attorney for a task you cannot accomplish. Do not put your lineage and family in danger!


Then there's the most important pillar of Turkish and Islamic culture, "charity"...

Any kind of goodness done to the poor, needy, orphans, and helpless is charity.

Those who have wealth should give from their wealth, and those who have knowledge should give from their knowledge...

A kind word, even a smile, counts as charity...

If you're faced with incurable diseases, give charity.

Feed a hundred poor people.

Make children happy. Buy an ice cream cone for a child. If your financial situation allows, make hundreds of children happy.

Help those affected by disasters, earthquakes.

Establish a soup kitchen.

Small charities avert major disasters...


If you can't get married, if things are constantly going wrong for you, if all roads are blocked, read Surah Al-Kawthar and do what's necessary...

If you can't obtain forgiveness, make sacrifices and offerings with the intention of the rewards being recorded in the book of deeds of those who have rights over us. Do good deeds on their behalf...

Do good and cast it into the sea!

If the fish doesn't know, the Creator does!

Trust in Allah, don't worry about the rest!

Allah (SWT) is the helper of those in distress...

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