“Tattoos: Artistic Expressions of the Soul”

Istanbul's Dedicated Tattoo Art Festival: "6th Istanbul Tattoo Convention"

Apr 14, 2024 - 11:42
“Tattoos: Artistic Expressions of the Soul”

“Tattoos: Artistic Expressions of the Soul”

Istanbul's Dedicated Tattoo Art Festival: "6th Istanbul Tattoo Convention"


Taking place at Grand Pera from April 26th to 28th, the "6th Istanbul Tattoo Convention" promises to be a gathering point for tattoo enthusiasts.

Under the leadership of Golden Arrow, this event will bring together leading tattoo artists from around the world and Turkey, aiming to unite tattoo aficionados post-pandemic.

A standout feature of the festival will be the participation of elderly female tattoo artists from Southeastern Turkey, continuing the region's traditional tattooing practices. These artists will showcase their traditional methods and preparation processes through documentary screenings. Additionally, an anthropologist Ahmet Yavuklu's seminar on tattoos, sponsored by Tattoom Art Gallery, will be part of the event.

These Southeastern women continue to practice tattooing using methods learned in their youth, incorporating materials from newly lactating mothers' milk. These tattoos are made for totemic, protective, or luck-bringing purposes.

The event will feature renowned artists who have inked Hollywood celebrities' tattoos, as well as artists from countries like the USA, Brazil, Russia, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany. Recognized artists from various cities in Turkey will also participate.

Throughout the event, there will be tattoo competitions, creative workshops, seminars, and exhibitions. Visitors will have the chance to closely observe both traditional and modern tattooing techniques and get tattooed on the spot. Moreover, globally renowned tattoo equipment brands and suppliers will also be present.

Taking place amidst the historical ambiance of Grand Pera, the "6th Istanbul Tattoo Convention" will not only focus on tattoo art but also offer a fun and social atmosphere. The event will be filled with concerts, performing arts, delicious food and drink stops, making it an unforgettable weekend for tattoo enthusiasts.

During the event, visitors can also explore a tattoo-themed art exhibition by famous artist Deniz PELİSTER, reflecting the unique historical texture of Grand Pera. Tickets will be available at the door throughout the event or can be purchased at discounted prices from www.bilitinial.com.


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