Turkey Aims for $250 Million in Cherry Exports

Cherry trees are in full bloom

Apr 14, 2024 - 11:37
Turkey Aims for $250 Million in Cherry Exports

Turkey Aims for $250 Million in Cherry Exports

Cherry trees are in full bloom

Millions of cherry trees are eager to break export records, bearing fruit a week earlier than usual.


In Turkey, a global leader in cherry production, the first cherry harvest of 2024 was done a week earlier than in 2023 due to an early spring.

The Şehzadeler district of Manisa, home to 2.4 million of Turkey's 22 million cherry trees, saw the Northern Hemisphere's first cherry harvest. The first batch of cherries was sold for a symbolic 2,000 TL at an auction.

Hayrettin Uçak, the Deputy President of Aegean Exporters' Associations and the President of Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association, noted that the cherry trees in Manisa Şehzadeler had a beautiful flowering season. He revealed that the trees bore fruit a week earlier this year with a target to export 90-100 thousand tons out of an estimated 725 thousand tons, aiming to bring in $250 million in foreign currency to Turkey.

President Uçak emphasized that Manisa and İzmir are early producing regions for cherries. "In 2023, the centennial of our Republic, we exported 83 thousand tons of cherries, earning $215 million. We aim for a successful start to our Republic's second century. With 725 thousand tons of cherry production, we are the clear global leader, also ranking among the top four in exports. We aim to break into the top three," he said.

Contacts continue for exports to China

President Uçak mentioned that Germany and the Russian Federation are the most important markets for Turkish cherries. "Our cherries are loved in countries like India, Singapore, and Hong Kong, offering potential for increased exports. China is one of the markets where Turkish cherries could see significant growth. We're working on projects to produce and export quality cherries free from pesticides and Mediterranean fruit flies. We are in talks with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for plant health certification agreements with China and India to expand our export markets. We aim to help Turkey harness its potential for sustainable growth in global cherry exports," he added.

Germany leads in cherry exports

While Turkey exported cherries worth $215 million in 2023, Germany topped the list with demand for $95.5 million worth of Turkish cherries.

In fresh fruit and vegetable exports, Russia is Turkey's leading market, demanding $43.8 million worth of Turkish cherries in 2023. Austria followed in third place with $14.2 million. Turkey exported cherries to 55 countries in 2023, with Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Iraq, Poland, Bulgaria, and the UK rounding out the top ten.


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